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New budget pumping group for solar systems

The company Atmosphere is a new single line pump groups ATMOSFERA ES1, designed for use in small solar thermal systems.

Pump group ATMOSFERA ES1 equipped with a special “solar” circulation pumps GRUNDFOS Solar 15-65 (PM2) is capable of working with high temperature coolant.

Also the group is equipped with everything necessary for safe operation of solar system: pressure gauge and thermometer to control the parameters of the flow meter with balancing valve, relief valve excess pressure. In addition to the two working connections with a diameter of¾”, ATMOSFERA ES1 has an additional service connections for the injection and draining of the coolant, and the output connection of the expansion tank.

To reduce heat losses all of the elements of the pump group is enclosed in a heat insulating casing made of polystyrene foam.

Pump group ATMOSFERA ES1 assembled in the factory located in Poland. To build use German components manufacturing company Taconova. Taconova Group — industry giant and the most famous manufacturer of components for the vast majority of manufacturers of pump groups and systems quick installation. The company is Swiss, but its plant is located in Germany.

ATMOSFERA ES1 are of high quality, with more affordable price compared to the pump units in the company BRV. The recommended retail price at the pump group ATMOSFERA ES1 is set at €230.

Насосная группа ATMOSFERA ES1

Scheme of the pumping group ATMOSFERA ES1


  1. Ball valve with thermometer 100 °C
  2. Safety valve 6 bar
  3. Group with pressure gauge
  4. Circulation pump GRUNDFOS Solar 15-65 (PM2)
  5. Fittings for pumping and draining of the coolant